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Chronic Health Conditions




Screening for diabetes is recommended every 3 - 5 years for individuals over the age of 40, or possibly earlier for individuals at high risk


We have an Ottawa Diabetes Education Team helping provide care for our patients. They are available at the Westend FamilyCare Clinic on Fridays.


There is a wealth of information on diabetes at –  Canadian Diabetes Association




High blood pressure is the main risk factor for stroke and a major risk factor for heart disease. Keeping your blood pressure under control has been shown to decrease your risks of stroke and heart disease. 


Please visit the Heart and Stroke website for more information.


Information for maintaining a healthy diet to control blood pressure is found at this link:


Chronic Pain


Patient Resources Helpful for Management of Chronic Pain

If you experience chronic pain, you may find these resources helpful:


Note – not all of these services are covered through your provincial or private insurance. THIS WOULD NEED TO BE VERIFIED BY YOU.

Chronic Pain Association of Canada: online resources, discussion forums, local support groups

Canadian Pain Coalition: excellent online resources for chronic pain, workshops, pain education events across Canada, podcasts from experts

Conquering Pain for Canadians Booklet: tips on self-management

Champlain Self-Management Initiative: Ottawa area healthy living with chronic illness workshops




A work in progress


Consider -


Post MI care –




Visit the excellent Canadian Arthritis Association website.


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