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Family Physicians
  • Dr. Asaad Al-Hindawi

  • Dr. Eileen Biggs

  • Dr. Renisha Bose

  • Dr. James Copley

  • Dr. Dan Cornejo Palma

  • Dr. Sonia Dhawan

  • Dr. Manorie Edirisinghe

  • Dr. Naseer Firdosi

  • Dr. Jason Hsu

  • Dr. Salina Jaffer

  • Dr. Roxane John

  • Dr. James Lunney

  • Dr. Kim MacAskill

  • Dr. Krish Malaviarachchi

  • Dr. Roksana Mottahedi

  • Dr. Jonathan Ng

  • Dr. Tetyana Rogalska

  • Dr. Thomas Shapiro 

  • Dr. Christine Tai

  • Dr. Gary Tran


Nurse Practitioners 
  • Tara 
  • Caroline 
  • Helen  
  • Liisa 
  • Linda
  • Karla 
  • Diane 
  • Tammy 
  • Margaret
Allied HealthCare Professionals

What is a Family Health Team?

The Westend FamilyCare Team is one of many Family Health Teams in the province of Ontario. Family Health Teams (FHTs) are a group of family physicians that work together with other allied health care providers to co-ordinate the highest possible quality care for our patients.

Our Family Health Team is designed to give your family doctor support from other complementary professionals, including specialist physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, mental health workers, pharmacists, health educators, dietician and other health care professionals who work collaboratively, each utilizing their experience and skills to ensure your healthcare needs are met.


Our Vision: We aim to provide high quality, timely healthcare to our patients.

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