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Mental Health Resiliency Resources when Coping with Covid

Four Things to Do Daily for Your Mental Health

Ideas for How to Cope During Covid


Self Guided Meditations


Coping with Mental Health During Covid

Royal Ottawa Temporary Urgent Care Clinic

for Mental Health

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook from The Wellness Society - free to use

Telephone and Virtual Mental Health Counselling in Ottawa and Area

Virtual mental health professional support psychologists and counsellors

Parent and Caregiver Tips for Survival during COVID

All Front line Essential Workers - self referrals for short term crisis therapy, 

3-5 sessions, OHIP covered through Medical Psychotherapy Association of Canada 

Info on self-compassion 

Guided Meditations

Strategies & tips for coping mechanisms such as how to deal with isolation, coping with stress and anxiety, etc. is a Canadian online counseling service that specializes in the use of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

Patient decision aids are tools that help people become involved in decision making by making explicit the decision that needs to be made, providing information about the options and outcomes, and by clarifying personal values. They are designed to complement, rather than replace, counseling from a health practitioner.


Topics range from acne to should I live with family or in a retirement home during COVID 19.


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