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Patient decision aids are tools that help people become involved in decision making by making explicit the decision that needs to be made, providing information about the options and outcomes, and by clarifying personal values. They are designed to complement, rather than replace, counseling from a health practitioner.


Topics range from acne to should I live with family or in a retirement home during COVID 19.


Provides resources for many any process affecting the brain. 

From aging and dementia to concussions and addictions. 

Their resource page is a good place to start.

Mental Health: 

website to help find resources in your community 

Youth Services Bureau:

Back Pain Education:

Lyme Disease Information:

Ottawa Public Health Information on Youth and Opioids:

Parenting and Child Health:


Support service listings for people living in our area:

The Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre helps connect people of all ages with services and resources in our community.

National Capital Region YMCA/YWCA


988 Suicide Crisis Helpline

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