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Ticks and Lyme Disease

Please review Ottawa Public Health's recommendations which include strategies to help minimize exposure to ticks, instructions for tick removal, and signs and symptoms to bring to our attention.


The Kingston and Frontenac Public Health site is also informative.

What to do when you find a tick - 

First, do not panic. 

Remove tick with a tick key or with tweezers - 

 Note -

Once you have removed the tick, a small black area may remain in the skin (head or stinger). These parts do not need to be removed. As long as the abdomen is removed, the Lyme bacteria will not be transmitted. Your body will expel the rest like a splinter.


When to call or see a health professional - 

If you believe the tick has been attached to you for 24 hours or more

if the body is partially or fully engorged

or you are unsure how long the tick has been attached to you


You will need to be assessed.

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