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Assistance to seniors, vulnerable, recently discharged from hospital or seniors living alone:

1)call 211 to determine if would qualify for City of Ottawa Home Help (based on financial aid)- for home services for seniors/ recently discharged or progressing frail seniors search on search home help

2)Bag Half Full YOW program wherein medical students are currently offering pickup and drop off of groceries and prescriptions to sick,elderly, self-isolating and immunocompromised residents of Ottawa


3) check out list of Access to Food Services in Ottawa 

Seniors Health Knowledge Network


Regional Geriatric Program of Eastern Ontario

Seniors and Complex Care

Assisted Living Services for High Risk Seniors

Convalescent Care Program

Senior Friendly Hospital Strategy

Seniors with Responsive Behaviours

Dementia Resources

Falls Prevention

For patients with Complex Needs

Coordinating all the services and supports that a person with multiple health conditions requires. That’s the idea behind the Health Links approach.

Home First

Home First is a philosophy that is supported by a range of services that help hospital patients to safely continue their recovery at home while receiving enhanced home-care services. These patients are often frail seniors who have completed their acute-care treatment.

Seniors Exercise Classes and Physiotherapy Services/ Falls Prevention

After changes to publicly-funded physiotherapy in 2013, the LHIN, health care partners and providers worked together to ensure that people in this region receive continued or enhanced access to Exercise and Falls Prevention Classes for seniors in community settings, and two kinds of Physiotherapy Services: those offered in clinics, and in-home.

Positive approach to Dementia care

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