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We strongly encourage all of our patients to take advantage of the protection of vaccines, for their health.  “Immunization is one of the most important advances in public health and is estimated to have saved more lives in Canada over the past 50 years than any other health intervention.” (Health Canada website)


Adult immunization:


Canadian Guidelines


HPV vaccine –for Human Papilloma Virus is recommended for women and men from ages 13 – 45 for women, and 13 – 26 for men.  


Shingles vaccine at age 50 and older


Pneumonia vaccine (pneumovax) at age 65, optionally a Prevnar 13 as well, or for any teen or adult with a chronic health condition such as asthma, COPD, diabetes, heart disease, smokers, etc


Tetanus – Td- tetanus and diphtheria are usually combined. You are due for a booster, every 10 years. The current recommendation is for all adults to receive their next Tetnus vaccination as a “TdaP”  or a tetanus/pertussis/whooping cough immunization.

Also, ALL PREGNANT women are recommended to receive a TdaP between 26 - 34 weeks of their pregnancy, if they have not received a vaccine within the preceding 2 years.


Measles Mumps and Rubella, should be updated once for young adults (those born between 1970 – 1989)

If you have not had chickenpox, or a varicella vaccine, you might need one of these.  



Childhood Vaccinations


Vaccination and your child: great general information which reviews the current immunizations, as well as providing a routine immunization schedule is found on the carrying for kids website.



It is very important for parents to inform Ottawa Public Health of their child’s immunizations.

This can be done via a number of ways, including – mail/fax/phone/in person/website.




Ottawa Public Health, 100 Constellation Dr., Ottawa ON K2G 6J8 Mail-Code: 26-44

Fax: 613-580-9660

Phone 613-580-6744 Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm

If you get any immunization, including flu shots, elsewhere, please call and inform us, so we can update your personal health record.


Immunization App:


There is a free iPhone & Android app called ImmunizeCA that can store vaccination records, remind you of upcoming immunizations and provide evidence based immunization information.

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